Fort Myers Half Day Fishing Charter

fort myers half day fishing charters

A true four hour adventure, our Fort Myers Half Day Fishing Charters depart from our docks.

Our Fort Myers half day fishing charters will take you out onto the ocean to catch many, many fish – and are perfect for those anglers with a limited amount of time or budget. Our docks are located so close to the best fishing areas off the coast of Fort Myers, which means that we really have no need to travel very far. Fish of all shapes and sizes lurk in the waters close to shore. Four hours will ensure that you have more than enough time to catch fish.

Many of the fish we catch on our Fort Myers half day fishing charters are edible. We frequently bring home some of the tastiest fish such as wahoo, mahi-mahi and tuna. Anything that you catch and wish to take home for dinner will immediately be put onto ice. Depending on the time of year, catching monster fish such as swordfish, sailfish and shark is a real possibility. You have the chance to catch the same big fish that our full day charters in Fort Myers catch.

All the fishing equipment you will need to catch truly spectacular fish in Fort Myers is already onboard our half day fishing charters. This also includes the boat, the fuel, the captain, the mate, lures and frozen bait. There is no need to bring anything with you to catch fish. We can even arrange catering for you, we have several options that will ensure food and drinks are waiting for your arrival. If you prefer then you are welcome to bring your own which we will keep ice-cold in our cooler.

Our Fort Myers fishing crews will clean, fillet and package your edible catches into zip lock bags for you when we arrive back at the dock. There are many ways to prepare your fish and we can recommend the best methods for the fish you have caught. Many seafood restaurants in Fort Myers are happy to do this for you. They charge a set fee that includes preparation and side dishes, and their expert chefs take pride in turning your fish into the ultimate culinary experience because there is simply no greater reward than dining on the fish you have personally caught.

Call us today to book your Fort Myers Half Day Fishing Charter and thrill in this awesome experience.